6 Amazing Watermelon Health Benefits and Facts

No other produce screams summer quite like watermelon. It could be its refreshing sweetness or even the burst of color that adds a bit of brightness to your plate.Thing is, there’s more to watermelon than just its flavor: It boasts some powerful health benefits, too. At 46 calories per cup,

Easy 5-Ingredient Vegan Sweet Potato Brownies…

Easy 5-Ingredient Vegan Sweet Potato Brownies…

Baking foods and sweet treats are two of my favorite things, but let’s face it sweet treats are not always great for the waist line. With these sweet potato brownies that is not something you have to worry about, they are a great healthy alternative to an originally fatty treat.The

Start The Day With Butter and Coffeeee

Coffee somehow manages to keep its place on the list of beneficial beverages – especially if instead of milk, will be added a big lump of butter.Some experts say that the coffee prepared in this way will supply your body with energy for five hours, increase metabolism, will accelerate the