2 Essential Oils for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Our ancestors have been using essential oils for many uses for centuries now. One of these uses was oral health, and they weren’t wrong either. In this century, their safety and efficiency are finally being proven by clinical studies.Other than their vital role as healing agents and therapeutic herbs, a

10 Alarming Headache Signs and Symptoms That You Mustn’t Ignore

Headaches are one of the most common health complaints that people experience at some point in their lives. They can affect anyone regardless of age and gender. However, there are some headache signs and symptoms that can help you prevent and treat headaches on time.Before we discuss the headache signs

What Is the Type of HPV That Causes Cervical Cancer?

HPV or human papillomavirus is a sexually transmitted infection in both, women and men. The National Cervical Cancer Coalition of the United States explains there are more than 100 types of HPV. But, there’s a certain type of HPV that causes cervical cancer, or more exactly 70% of all HPV-related

Find Out Which Foods To Avoid On An Empty Stomach (VIDEO)

Whenever you feel hungry, get your hands on anything EXCEPT these 12 foods. When consumed on an empty stomach they can seriously affect your overall health and even increase the risk of diabetes. Keep on reading the article and find out which foods to avoid on an empty stomach.

12 Foods

Spirulina Powder: A Miracle That Boosts Your Overall Health!

When it comes to the term superfood, this characteristic will be definitely applied to Spirulina. But, do you know the nutritional value of spirulina powder? It abounds with potent nutrients that have a powerful effect on both the body and the brain.Spirulina powder abounds with potent enzymes, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

How to Remove a Cataract and Get 20/20 Vision with Castor Oil

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, there are about 24.4 million people at the age above 40 that have cataracts, only in America. Obviously, anyone would like to know how to remove a cataract naturally, so here you’ll learn one alternative treatment that’ll help you do that.Even though cataracts