She Pours Kosher Salt Into a Tub of Vaseline… Here is Why!

Since 1859, Vaseline has been used for everything from soothing dry and cracked skin to healing scrapes and burns. According to the Vaseline website, it is made from petroleum that is purified three times in processes that include distillation, de-aeration and filtration. The resulting jelly is a non-irritating and hypo-allergenic

Simple Tricks to Make Your Clothes Pure White and Stainless

Do you use costly detergents or stain cleaners to wash off that stain of wine or food of your white clothes? Well, their high price doesn’t always guarantee for their effectiveness, right?Sometimes it seems nothing can clean that stubborn stain thoroughly, not even the most popular stain cleaner. You may

What Month Baby Are You? Every Month Tells A Different Story!

– January Baby

If you’re born in January then you’re handsome and delightful, however you get bored easily. You enjoy dressing up and you need lots of your time to recover once you get hurt which implies that you simply are terribly sensitive person.

– February Baby

If you’re born in February then