Use This One-Ingredient Solution To Get Rid Of Any Insects In Your Home

There is not a person in the world who tolerates ants, fleas, cockroaches and other pests in their home or garden. But what is one supposed to do when faced with such a problem? Nobody wants to drown their home and family in toxic gasses all for the purpose of exterminating these pests (and it is also doubtful if the toxic gasses will help).

I bet you did not know there is a cheap and safe way to get rid of these unwanted insects in your home.

Do you know what the name of this secret ingredient is? Its name is borax; it is safe and environment-friendly.

Borax – Efficient Solution For Insects In Your Home

People have been using boric acid for an extermination of pests for a long time already. This substance can be found everywhere, such as plants and seawater. Borax is a chemical derived from a boric acid, whereas the element boron is found in both.

Borax is an efficient and cheap solution because it affects the lining of the stomach of the insects and obstructs digestion. You should have in mind that pests must eat the borax; otherwise, it will not affect them at all

For Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the most resilient insects on Earth, but it isn`t like you cannot eliminate them. Every creature has a weakness, and the borax is like a kryptonite to cockroaches.  Include the borax in the cockroaches’ diet and they will be gone within a week.

What you should do: put twelve eggs in a pot of water and boil them, throw the whites. Take a bowl; put the yolks and borax – 2.5 ounces. Then add ½ cup of sugar. Add sugar until the mix becomes thick as dough. All that is left is to place this cockroach meal in your house, and let the feast begin!

All that is left is to place this cockroach meal in your house, and let the feast begin!

For Ants

Let`s be honest – when you see ants you have the feeling they are an army attacking your home, and you have no line of defense. But don`t you worry, we have your back.

First, we have to find something ants really like, like honey, and turn it into a death meal. While ants eat liquids, their queen eats solids, and in order to defeat them once and for all, we have to eliminate their queen too.

To make the solid ant meal: take sugar in powder and borax – 3:1 ratio and mix them.

To make the liquid ant meal: take one-quarter cup of borax and three-quarters cup of honey and mix them.

Then, you will have to find the ants and drop these meals on their trail so they can see them, then the ants will drink the liquid meal and take the solid one to their queen.

For Fleas

Borax is an amazing solution regarding fleas control. One treatment with borax can last for a year, at the mean time killing them. Are you asking how this is possible?

Well, the answer is very simple; first, you will have to vacuum and clean your home, including vacuuming the furniture and beneath it, because fleas like to hang out in dark. Second, sprinkle some borax on the carpet, on the furniture and any other places you think fleas reside.

Have in mind that the borax is bad for your children too, so keep them away. Lastly, vacuum the borax off the carpet and the furniture or you can leave the borax for a day and a half and then vacuum the dead insects.

Borax is an available and cheap solution to this problem, therefore it is always convenient to have some borax at hand; because you can never be certain if some small enemy is invading your home.