How to Treat Dry Brittle Nails and Sleep Problems With This Natural Remedy?

Is there something that affects the structure of your nails and the quality of your sleep? Definitely yes! The adrenal glands play an integral role in the entire body, especially when it comes to the nails, hair, and sleep. However, here is a way how to treat dry brittle nails and sleep problems!

The adrenal glands are located at the top of the kidneys, and they produce several hormones such as adrenaline and steroids. These hormones significantly affect the immunity, the metabolic rate, and the blood pressure. Also, these hormones help you handle stress better.

Any problem with the adrenal glands can lead to different health conditions. As we have mentioned before, one problem related to these glands are brittle nails. If you do some research about it, you will find that this problem is associated with endocrine disorders.

So, the main cause of brittle nails and low-quality sleep lies predominantly in the function of these glands.

Fortunately, there is a potent natural remedy with Brazilian walnuts that will help you improve the function of these glands.

How to Treat Dry Brittle Nails and Sleep Problems?

What you need:

  • Brazilian walnuts
  • Parsley leaves (dried)
  • Raw organic honey
  • Ground ginger
  • Raisins


First, put the Brazilian walnuts and dried parsley leaves in a blender. Then add the raisins, honey, and ginger to the mixture. Blend all the ingredients well until you get a fine mixture.


Take two tablespoons of this potent adrenal gland boosting remedy on an empty stomach before breakfast.

It is preferable to consume this remedy twice or even thrice a week.

In this way, you will boost the work of your adrenal gland and provide immediate results in your body.


This potent natural booster will significantly improve the quality of your sleep, your hair will look healthy, and your nails won’t break again.