Warning! Rotten Potatoes Have Killed an Entire Family!

Potatoes are delicious, family-favorite vegetables which take a significant part in our everyday meals. They are not only easy to make but also, they are high in potassium and vitamin C. However, these vegetables are highly dangerous, especially rotten potatoes can actually kill you and your entire family!

The real danger lies in the way of storage of potatoes. In 2014, one family showed us how dangerous these vegetables could be if not kept in the right manner.

The family of Maria Chelysheva, an 8-year girl, stored their potatoes in the cellar. One evening, they needed some potatoes for dinner, but they were not aware that the potatoes had started to rot.

  • It was her father who went first to the cellar to bring some potatoes. Unfortunately, he did not come back, so her mother went downstairs. She also did not come back, and her brother went to check where were his parents.

When he did not return, her grandmother predicted that something bad was happening so she called the neighbors for help. While she was waiting for them to arrive, she went down and did not come back.

  • This horror-like story happened to the little Maria, who has lost all of her family as a result of rotten potatoes. When rotten, potatoes release glycoalkaloid, a highly toxic chemical which is not only poisonous for consumption but for inhalation.

Maria was very lucky to survive because when she went down to the cellar, the door was already opened by her grandmother and some of the poisons have disappeared before she got there.

So, if you have some potatoes in your home, make sure you store them properly so that they do not rot. In this way, you will save them but all your family.