Remove All The FAT And PARASITES From Your Body With Only 2 Ingredients!

If you want to remove some extra fat from your body, you’re in the right place. Here we recommend a powerful 2-ingredient recipe that will literally melt fat deposits in your body.



– 400 g of celery
– 1 kg of lemon

Preparation and Dosage:

Into 2 liters of water add 400 g of grated celery. Add a bit lemon peel after that and then cook the mixture for 20 min. Let it cool down completely and then add the lemon juice into the mixture. At the end, strain and pour it in a glass bottle.

It is important to consume the beverage 3 times a day before you have meal (1 dl). If the mixture is too strong for you, you can dilute it with some water. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator. It will burn the excess fat and remove the toxins from your body in very short period of time and you’ll be amazed from the results.