Recipes: Beet Healthiest Juice as a Natural Remedy

How to make beet juice and why beet is so healthy.

All you need for a natural healing this plant has it. Beet as a remedy has been used for 2,000 years. It supplies the body with energy, vitamins and minerals. It is rich with many nutrients and most dietician recommended that we should have it every day on the table. This root provides the body with large amounts of energy in a short time due to a number of carbohydrates.

Beet as a remedy:
– Full of sodium
– iron
– phosphorus
– copper
– magnesium
– manganese
– fluorine
– iodine
– sulfur
– lithium
– bromine

Beetroot is rich in vitamins A, C, B1, B2 and especially with rare vitamin in plant foods B12.


Although this root, which is usually maroon color has throughout the year, the freshest and most delicious is exactly during winter. It is best to eat fresh, as a salad or drink freshly squeezed beet juice because it has a healing effect in the most severe disease as well, but by cooking loses its healing properties.

Beet juice
Peel the beets thinly and finely grate.
Drizzle with lemon juice and honey.
Allow to stand and strain well.
Drink a little bit throughout the day.

This natural beet juice can be consumed by people with serious illnesses and at the beginning should be drunk 1.2 liters a day and should be reduced the amount as soon as you feel the improvement on 1/4.

Beet as a remedy:
The red color comes from beets ingredient anthocyanins and its energy value is very small in 100 g has only 44 calories.

Folk medicine for a lowering cholesterol – beet juice

Place the sliced beets in a juicer medium size and five lemons. Squeezed juice, pour into a glass bottle with foam and place in refrigerator. For therapy should be drunk after 1 dl drink in the morning and evening (before use shake the bottle). Some people need one dose of 1.5 liters of this drink to regulate high cholesterol and triglycerides, and some 2 doses.

Note: do not begin implementation of the second dose until you check the findings.

Beet juice 3
– A kilo of carrots
– Kilo beetroot
– Kilogram lemon
– 3.5 liters of cold water
– 3.5 kg of sugar
– 100 grams salt of lemon

Peel off the beets and carrots, lemon cut into thick slices and remove the seeds.
Beet, carrot and lemon with peel grind in a meat machine.
Add mixed sugar, with salt of lemon.
Pour water.
In the end, all stir well, cover and let it sit for 24 hours.
Through a clean gauze strain and pour into bottles, which should be sealed.
Keep in the fridge.
This juice is an excellent natural remedy for blood and increasing the number of red blood cells.