Start The Day With Butter and Coffeeee

Coffee somehow manages to keep its place on the list of beneficial beverages – especially if instead of milk, will be added a big lump of butter.

Some experts say that the coffee prepared in this way will supply your body with energy for five hours, increase metabolism, will accelerate the burning of fats and will reduce your appetite for sweets.

On the other hand, late last year, The Telegraph published an article on the subject and defined the coffee as part of the “false and unfounded scientific diet.” The Internet though abounds with blogs of people who tried to drink the non-traditional drink for weeks and feel energized or admit however that are dying of hunger until half past ten.


Professional athletes who find the coffee as useful, do not consume it everyday, and certified doctors and nutritionists from the site, openly call it a bad idea, because it contains a huge amount of calories without supplying the body with valuable nutrients enzymes on portion of scrambled eggs, for example.

How to prepare coffee with butter?

Hot coffee and oil are mixed until getting a thick cream. The taste is unusual and actually causes a feeling of fullness.

We warn that opinions on this subject are divided, although is generally known that Tibetans for generations add oil of strong in their morning coffee.

And here’s how to prepare a great cup of energy coffee:

1. Do not save on coffee, nicely fill the spoon with instant coffee.

2. Do not put water in the cup before it boils, but be careful not to ferment it.

3. Take a teaspoon unsalted, organic butter and put it together with a coffee cup in a blender.

4. Stir until the butter melts.